Where we begin?


It’s not a simple task to write such a grand theory. If we walk together on a hard path, eventually we will give a birth to “The theory of everything”.

Einstein stated that if there is a theory that explains everything that would be in very simple form which is understandable to anyone. Making is complex, results are simpler!

I wonder Einstein’s “The theory of relativity” how did he make such a theory single handedly! He wrote that theory standing on top of his predecessors.He had a confidence to  deny very classical physics base statement space and time are invariant.

Denying a base assertions & questioning on well-known base is always a good thing as we are developing a single theory which no one can raise a question about that.

Certainly someone may doubt that whether it is really possible. I also doubt that. But certainly I can say working together is the only way for us to write such a theory.

First of all we will take a recap of what are all the milestones already achieved by us with proven facts. Then we start questioning on assertions, then we start writing “The theory of everything”.

We will be rewriting the part if someone come up with a good idea. We know rewriting in infancy of the theory is not a big deal, but as theory grows up if someone come up with good idea that denies our basic assertions, it’s painful to rewrite the entire theory once again. Hereby we take a oath that we are very ready and welcoming the new ideas that denies our entire work that we do for years.

We know it’s hard to give up, we are ready to give up our good work, but we never give up till we have the theory.

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